Elements of an Organization

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Definition of an Organization:

An organization is a complex system of individual functional areas, and consists people what work together in teams to achieve a common goal. The steps required to reach the goal may involve complex functionality and may require a lot of time and other resources.

Attributes of a Successful Organization:

A successful organization works on three important ideas:

1. Organizational hierarchy:

A successful organization will be divided into smaller, individual parts that perform different tasks, yet, work together to achieve a common goal. The functioning of an organization is synonymous to the functioning of an organism. Just as an organism is a composed of organs and tissues that work in synchronization when performing a task, an organization is also composed of smaller functioning areas like departments, divisions and units.

2. Synchronized operation:

With the presence of many individual areas within an organization, friction is sure to develop. An ideal organization will work toward elimination of such friction, and will encourage harmonious operation.

3. Business Planning

The third idea behind a successful organization is planning. An organization will get nowhere without a well thought-out plan. The organization must have an overall plan, and must take smaller steps in order to get to that plan.

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