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What is the Payment of Gratitude Act of 1972?

This Act makes it compulsory to make gratitude payments to employees in factories, mines, oil-fields, plantations, ports, and railway companies. The Act was amended twice in 1984 and in 1987, and was passed in 1987. The Act applies to all industries in India, except in Jammu and Kashmir, and employing 10 or more people, who were employed for at least one year. Needless to say, the Act would be applicable even if the total number of employees drops below 10.

The pay rate is based upon 15 days of income based on rate of wages last drawn by the employee, at an amount less than Rs 350000. These conditions apply:

1. Gratitude is paid to an employee after resignation from a service of 5 or more years.

2. Gratitude is paid to an employee who is superannuating.

3. Gratitude is paid to an employee who is retiring or resigning.

4. Gratitude is paid to an employee upon death or disablement on job.

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