Calculation of Minimum Wages according to Indian Labor Conference 1957

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Rules of Indian Labour conference of 1957:

a. Pay should be based on a standardized working class family. This family will consist of a working adult supporting three dependent family members.

b. Pay should be enough to provide a total of 2700 kilocalories of energy per working adult. Food may consist of cereal, vegetables and possibly, meats, milk and sugar.

c. Pay should be enough to provide eighteen yards of cloth per person per year.

d. The government industrial housing scheme provides affordable housing to workers.

e. Pay should also cover miscellaneous expenses such as electricity, fuel and other items.

f. In October 31st 1991, the Supreme Court required minimum wage to be increased so as to include expenses related to marriages, festivals, education, health, recreation, etc. The minimum wage was increased by 25%.

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