Duties of Personnel Managers

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Role of Personnel Managers:

A personnel manager performs a variety of functions, including maintenance of salary structures, preparations of statements of policy and the procurement of manpower.

Furthermore, personnel managers share responsibility for effectiveness of policies and procedures, although the personnel manager doesn't implement them himself or herself. It is more advantageous to have a personnel manager right above a line supervisor, as this turns out to be more advantageous to the organization.

Personnel managers must also have the ability to persuade others to do their duties. This can be effectively done if personnel managers fully comprehend the problems of their line supervisors. It is also the responsibility of personnel managers to oversee the organization of the personnel group they manage, and ensure that this group can accomplish the functions levied upon them, and this can most effectively done using sound organizational principles.

Primary goals should be met first, followed by clerical responsibility and accountability. Specific duties of personnel managers include:

Specific Duties of Personnel Managers:

• Employee labor relations.

• Employee placement.

• Counseling.

• Labor cases.

• Personal files.

• Employee developments.

• Skills training.

• Supervisory training.

• Educational assistance.

• Management development.

• Compensation and benefits.

• Wages and salaries.

• Benefits plans.

• Salary structures.

• Health and safety of employees.

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