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Recommendations of the National Commission of Labor:

• Formation of crafts and occupational trade unions must be discouraged.

• Formation of Industrial Trade Unions and Industrial Federation must be encouraged.

a. Limit the number of outsiders in a union to less than 30% in all types of unions.

b. Treat all former employees as advisors and members.

c. Non-employees, including foreign members of political parties, shouldn't be holding senior positions in union management, and shouldn't be given power during important decisions pertaining to the progress of the union.

d. Union leadership should only be comprised of present of past industrial employees, because only employees can understand the needs of other employees.

e. A management's policy of taking unfair advantages of the labour must be professionally addressed and penalized.

f. Workers must collectively bargain directly with senior management, and not have non-members do it for them.

A union may be closed down if:

a. Its membership falls below a minimum number required for registration.

b. Annual returns are not submitted.

c. No explanation is provided for defective returns.

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