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• Pseudostratified, ciliated, columnar cells.


• Pseudostratified epithelium composed of olfactory cells.

• Only adult regenerating neurons in the body: basal cells of olfactory.


• Pseudostratified, ciliated, columnar cells.


• Stratified, squamous, nonkeratinized epithelium.


• Pseudostratified ciliated columnar cells.


• Pseudostratified ciliated columnar cells to simple columnar cells.


• Ciliated and goblet cells.

Clara cells:

• Secrete a componet of surfactant; trap airborne toxins; secrete cytochrome P-450.

Alveoli cells:

Type I:

Gas exchange.

Type II:

Surfactant and repair of damaged cells.

Additional Notes:

• Cilia found in olfactory cells.

• Olfactory sensation through brush cells: CN 5.

• Olfactory neurons regenerate in one month.

• Vocal cords: stratified, squamous, epithelium; skeletal muscle core.

• Stratified squamous epithelium in smokers.

• In old age, hyaline cartilage of tracheal cartilage rings replaced by bone.

• Granule cell in trachea: enteroendocrine cell.

• Tracheal blood vessels located in adventitia (outermost connective tissue).

• Visceral pleura covering the lung: simple squamous.

• Olfactory epithelium lacks goblet cells.

• Pharynx: air, food, speech.

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