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• ssDNA; naked icosahedral.

• Fifth disease; B-19 virus; erythema infectiosum = slapped cheek fever.

• Aplastic crisis in Sickle Cell patients.

• Causes arthritis in adults.

• Only single stranded DNA virus.


• dsDNA; naked icosahedral.

• Human papilloma virus; plantar warts; koilocytic cells found on Pap smear.

• Polyoma viruses: BK virus; JC virus.


• dsDNA; naked.

• Upper respiratory infections in kids.

• Pharyngoconjunctivitis (pink eye / swimming pool conjunctivitis).

• Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (shipyard conjunctivitis).

• Acute respiratory disease and pneumonia (young military recruits).

• Adenovirus 40/41: infantile diarrhea; adenovirus 12, 18, 31: normally present in human feces.


• Enveloped; icosahedral; dsDNA.

• DNA synthesized in nucleus.

• Intranuclear inclusion bodies.

• Treatment: use Acyclovir.


• Gingivostomatitis and recurrent cold sores; latent in trigeminal root ganglion.

• Keratoconjunctivitis: lid swelling and vesicles; visual impairment.

• Meningoencephalitis: fever, headache, confusion; diagnosis is RBCs in CSF.


• Meningitis.

• Herpes genital infections: painful lesions on genitals and anal area; latent in sacral n. ganglia.

• Neonatal herpes.

• Diagnosis: PCR of CSF and viral culture with fluorescent Ab stain; Tzanck smear (outdated); immunoflorescent staining can differentiate between HSV-1 and 2.


• Chicken pox: latent in dorsal root ganglion.

• Reye's syndrome.

• Disseminated infections in IC hosts.

• Vaccine available; passive transfer of immunity with VZ immunoglobulin.


• B cell infection; binds to CD21 = CR2.

• Infectious mononucleosis; kissing disease: fatigue, fever, sore throat, lymphadenpathy, and splenomegaly; Abs react with Paul-Bunnell antigen on sheep/bovine RBCs.

• Burkitt lymphoma, nasopharyngeal cancer, and thymus carcinoma; all contain EB Nuclear Angiten.


• Herpesviridae infecting fibroblasts; owl's eyes.

Human Herpesvirus:

• Human herpesvirus 6: exanthem subitum; roseola; infant disease; rash.

• Human herpesvirus 8: Kaposi sarcoma co-factor.


• Brick-shaped, large; ds linear DNA.

• Cytoplasm replication.


• Small pox; Guarnieri bodies in infected cells.


• Immunogen complex in smallpox vaccine.

Molluscum contagiosum:

• Small, pink, wart-like tumors; eosinophilic cypoplasmic inclusion bodies; problem in IC hosts.

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