Attitude, Belief, and Ideology

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What is an Attitude?

An attitude is the way we react to stimuli. An attitude is something that remains within a person all his/her life, and may never change. An attitude may be positive or negative, and may depend on the type of situation involved. For example, one person may react positively at college education, while another may react negatively. Attitudes depend on the person's point of view of the world.

What is a Belief?

A belief is our judgment toward a system. The judgment may be good or bad. For example, we may judge people who are atheists, or people who are affiliated with religion. Our beliefs may be favorable or unfavorable for an action or thought.

What is an Ideology?

A system of beliefs is called an ideology. An ideology may be related to how an economy runs. For example, some may thing that a free-market economy or a capitalist economy may be good in he long run. However, some may oppose this ideology. Various ideologies exist in our societies, and many are not tangible but based on faith. Ideologies define realities to us and many people strong support the ideology they believe in.

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