Content and Process, and Abraham Maslow's Need-Hierarchy Theory

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Content Theories:

This theory is concerned with the needs people have in the workplace, how these needs rank, and the incentives that are needed to fulfill these needs. Examples would be the Maslow hierarchy, Fredrik Herzberg's two factor theory and Alderfer's ERG theory. These models are highly theoretical, and there is little proof that they work in reality. Nevertheless, these models have shed light on ideas that were previously unheard of by industrial phychologists.

Process Theories:

These theories study variables that cause an increase in motivation, and more importantly, how these variables are related to each other. Furthermore, process theories provide more reasonable explanations behind our motivations. Examples of models include the expectancy model of Vroom and the extensions provided by Porter and Lawler. Process models are highly complex and a lot of research is being done on these models.

Abraham Maslow's theory of Need-Hierarchy:

Maslow came up with the idea that not all human needs are the same. Some needs are higher in priority value than other needs. When a need is not satisfied, the following reaction takes place:

Deprivation -> Domination -> Gratification -> Activation

Maslow's Human Needs Hierarchy:

Content and Process, and Abraham Maslow's Need-Hierarchy Theory

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