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Role of Sales Promotion:

Sales promotion may also involve advertising and selling. Sales promotion involves forwarding sales data to wholesalers, retailers, customers, and the salesmen working for the manufacturing firm itself.

Sales Promotion Deals With:

a. Services to dealers: providing display materials, providing sales tips, and advising on package design.

b. Services to salesmen: providing tips on salesmanship, etc., analyzing market areas, and assisting in securing potential customers.

c. Special marketing: providing samples, signs, calendars, etc., to attract public attraction. This causes sales to increase and ensures that the customer is making right use of the product.

Role of Product Package Design:

The design of the product package is as important as the product itself. This is because the outer package creates the identity of the product; it is how customers will recognize the product. However, there are certain problems with product packaging.

Problems With Packaging:

1. Changing the package of an established product is not advisable because customers may either not buy the newly designed package, or may buy the new package but ignore the old package.

2. The dealer may have a hard time getting rid of the old product.

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