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What is Automation?

Automation is a part of the modern industrialized world. In simple terms, it is the art of making processes or machines self-acting or self-moving. Also pertains to the technique of making a device, machine, process or procedure more fully automatic. It can also be defined as a self-driven computing of chance from which human initiative has been excluded, and an interruption of this process in informative situations intended by humans.

Steps in the automation process:

1. The first step in automation involves the selection of self-regulated machines that will take an input and produce an output in finished or semi-finished state. If the product is semi-finished, it may require more machines in sequence.

2. After the produced is produced, quality control is essential. Quality must be thoroughly checked for defective parts, and a defective part is found, the machine must be repaired immediately.

3. Presently, maintenance of automated machines is done by computers, so a computer may be necessary for smooth automated operation.

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