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Humoral Immunity:

• Antibody-mediated.

• Mediated by B cells.

• First signal for B-cell activation: antigen binds to, and cross-links the idiotypes of B-cell membrane receptors.

Thymus-Dependent Antigens:

• More common.

• Response to these requires contact of B cells with TH cells and their cytokines.

• Then, they are endocytosed, digested, and processed via the exogenous pathway to generate MHC II conjugates, which are then inserted in the membrane of the B-cell.

• Upregulated B7 molecule on B cells presents antigens to TH cells.

• TH cell becomes TH2 cell after seeing antigen on MHC II.

• CD40L molecule on TH2 cell interacts with CD40 molecule on B cell, again activating B cells, which proliferate.

• TH2 releases cytokines that activate B cells.

• There is immunologic memory.

Thymus-Independent Antigens:

• Directly stimulate B-cells without TH cell or cytokine intervention.

• These include LPS from Gram - cell envelope bacteria.

• T cells only recognize processed antigens, not free floating antigens.

• These antigens are called thymus-independent antigens.

• Act as B cell mitogen.

• Weaker response; secretion of IgM only.

• No memory.

Cytokines Induce B Cell:

• Differentiation, memory, class switching.


• First antibody produced by B cells without T-cell intervention.

• Pentamer.

• Valence of 10.

• Traps free antigen.

• Low affinity (?) but high avidity.

• Effective in activating complement.

• Primary immune response.

X-linked Hyper-IgM syndrome:

Respiratory infections in children.


• Activates complement, acts as an opsonin, and mediates ADCC.

• Second major Ab after IgM.

• 4 types.

• Crosses placenta.


• Dimer.

• Defense of mucosal surfaces of body.


• Binds to mast cells and basophils.

• Works in helminth parasitic infections and allergic responses.


• Proteins produced in the liver.

• Innate response, but overlapping functionality with adaptive response.

• Two pathways.


• More primitive; bacterial cell envelope initiates it.


• Activated by antigen-antibody complexes; activated by IgM and IgG.

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