Transcription and RNA Processing

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• Most abundant; structural roles; create ribosomes.


• Carries AAs to ribosome for translation.


• Alerts ribosome to protein AA sequence.

RNA Pols:

RNA pol I:

• Located in nucleolus; makes 28S, 18S, and 5.8S rRNAs.

RNA pol II:

• Located in nucleoplasm; makes hnRNA/mRNA, and some snRNA.

RNA pol III:

• Located in nucleoplasm; makes tRNA, some snRNA, and 5S rRNA.

Initiation of Eukaryotic mRNA Transcription:

• Transcription begins right after promoter (-25) TATA and (-70) CAAT.

• Transcription factors bind promoter and begin transcription.

Posttranslational Modification of Eukaryotic mRNA:

• Nucleus: 5' cap (7-methylguanosine) and 3' tail (poly-A sequence).

Additional Notes:

• DNase used in cystic fibrosis: decrease viscosity of airway secretions.

• Robertsonian translocations: don't follow Mendelian pattern.

• Housekeeping genes: always expressed without regulation.

• Effects of streptomysin on bacteria are mediated by S12 protein.

• Bacteria (MRSA) become resistant to erythromycin by acquiring a methylase-expressing plasmid.

• Acyclovir: purine analog.

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