Notes on Selection of Lymphocytes

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What are Primary Lymphoid Organs?

• Bone marrow and Thymus.

What are Secondary Lymphoid Organs?

• Spleen, lymph nodes, MALT.

B and T Cell Selection Process:

• Rigorous T/B cell selection process helps prevent autoimmunity.

• Done by exposing developing T cells to MHC antigens.

• MHC found on chromosome 6.

Two MHC Classes:


• HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C; expressed on all nucleated cells, even platelets; small groove on MHC I help present antigens to TCR.


• HLA-DP, HLA-DQ, HLA-DR; expressed on APCs; small groove on MHC II help present antigens to TCR.

Role of Thymus:

• In thymus, MHC products exposed to developing T-cells.

• Developing T-cells that bind to MHC products with low affinity receive signal to divide: positive selection.

• Developing T-cells that bind to MHC products with high affinity receive signal to die: negative selection.

CD4 and CD8 Receptors:

• Expressed on surface of T-cells; provide better linkage between TCR and MHC.

CD4+ T-cells:

• Those that recognize MHC II present on TH.

CD8+ T-cells:

• Those that recognize MHC I present on CTLs.

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