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Random USMLE Facts volume 8-3:

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What conversion pathway is defective in alkaptonuria?

Tyrosine to fumarate.

What diseases are caused by bartonella henselae?

Cat-scratch disease and bacillary angiomatosis.

Where do duodenal ulcers occur?

Pylorus. Pain begins 2-4 hours after eating a meal.

Where do gastric ulcers occur?

Lesser curvature of the stomach.

What causes aseptic meningitis?


How does poliomyelitis begin?

Symptoms of fever, malaise, and aseptic meningitis appear first. This is followed by myalgias and asymmetric paralysis.

If a tumor uptakes bromodeoxyuridine, what does it mean?

High grade tumor; many cells in the S phase.

What is the function of glycerol kinase in the liver?

Triacylglycerol synthesis, gluconeogenesis, and an intermediate in glycolysis.

Why do patients with Crohn's disease develop oxalate kidney stones?

Most bile acids are lost in the feces, and this causes fat malabsorption. However, oxalate is not excreted (because, in Crohn's disease, calcium binds to lipids) and excess oxalate is reabsorbed.

What happens to renal tubular cells in clear cell carcinoma?

These cells become packed with glycogen and lipids, and appear swollen.

How does hydroxyurea work in sickle cell patients?

Increases hemoglobin F synthesis.

What are the histological findings in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma?

Tumor with keratin nests and pearls; caused due to alcohol consumption and smoking.

What happens to respiration at high altitude - after a few days of exposure?

• Reduced barometric pressure.
• Reduced inspired partial pressure of oxygen.
• PaO2 decreases.
• The resulting hypoxemia causes hyperventilation and respiratory alkalosis.
• Increased blood pH and reduced PaCO2.

Rank some organs - from high to low - that suffer most from an occlusion:

CNS, heart, kidney, spleen, liver.

Which antipsychotic causes retinitis-pigmentosa?


Describe the lactose tolerance test:

50 g of lactose is administered orally and blood levels are measured at 0, 60, and 120 minutes. If blood glucose increases < 20 mg/dL, the individual is lactose intolerant. Thus, lactose intolerant individuals have increased stool osmotic gap, increased breath hydrogen content, and decreased stool pH.

In what part of the intestine are dietary lipids digested?


In what part of the intestine are dietary lipids absorbed?


NOTE: in patients who have had their gallbladder removed, dietary lipids are STILL absorbed in the jejunum. Cholecystectomy doesn't affect lipid digestion and absorption.

USMLE Facts 1 USMLE Facts 2 USMLE Facts 3 USMLE Facts 4 USMLE Facts 5
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