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Role of Manpower Planning in Business:

Manpower planning is certainly a very important part of an organization. Effective manpower planning provides adequate lead-time for the procurement and training of employees, thus, saving time and money. Important company projects and expansion programmes may be delayed if adequate manpower planning and management is not available. Thus, careful manpower planning is extremely important. The benefits of manpower planning are as follows:

Benefits of Manpower Planning:

a. It helps senior management forecast the upcoming surplus and/or shortage of the workforce, hence, results in reduced labor costs.

b. It helps in planning employee development that fosters best use of workers' skills within the organization.

c. Training programmess become more effective as gaps in the existing manpower surface.

d. Business planning process is improved.

e. Managerial succession plans can be formulated as part of replacement planning processes, which is required with formulating job change plans with managers. Furthermore, this exercise provides lead-time for identifying and developing managers to climb the corporate ladder.

f. Manpower management becomes an important part throughout the organization.

g. Alternate manpower actions and policies can be evaluated.

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