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Main Classification of Fringe Benefits:

Fringe benefits, according to Cockman, are classified into two categories:

1. Those offered based upon status: car, entertainment facilities, holiday, foreign travel, telephone, etc.

2. Those that are very basic: share schemes, retirement benefits, counseling service, etc.

Furthermore, on their basis of identification, they are also classified as:

1. Employee security payment, which includes, employers contribution stipulated in legal enchantment, old age, survivor disability, health and unemployment insurance, payment under Workmen's Compensation Act, supplemental unemployment benefits, accident insurance, pensions, and contributions to savings plan and health funds.

2. Payment for time not worked, which includes, call back and call in pay, cleanup time, health in the family leave, family allowance, holiday pay, lay off pay, medical time pay, pay for holidays, sick leave, pay for court days, and pay for government voting days.

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