Advantages of Diversifying Managerial Training

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Advantages of Training Programs:

Training programs for managers within an organization are imperative. Training has the following advantages:

Production increases:

With training increases productivity; with productivity increases production with lowered costs.

Efficient use of raw materials, plant and machinery:

Highly trained workers are more likely to efficiently and rationally use machines and other company equipment.

Increased employee morale:

Armed with better training, workers feel more confident in their work.

Reduced need for supervision and objection:

Trained workers don't need constant supervision, hence, managerial costs are reduced.

Increased employee motility:

Highly trained workers are more likely to produce better quality of work and find themselves promoted higher within the organization.

Increased organizational stability:

Low turnover rate among employees.

Highly responsible employees:

Highly trained employees are more likely to be better prepared for positions requiring high responsibility.

Decreased Injuries:

With a highly trained work force follows a safe environment to work in.

Need for training programs:

To increase productivity:

An instructor can offer suggestions to employees on increasing their productivity, ultimately leading to increased profits.

To improve quality:

With highly trained employees, the quality of the work they do dramatically increases. Increased quality may relate to company products or intangible organizational employment atmosphere.

To help the company satisfy its personnel needs:

When the organizational demand for trained personnel suddenly rises, companies with a well trained internal pool of human resources are better off.

To improve organizational climate:

Highly trained employees linked to a well prepared training program give rise to a really good work ethic and company atmosphere.

To improve health and safety:

Of course, with proper training, the chance of injuries is greatly reduced. Furthermore, a safe work environment leads to a higher work ethic. Managers also find it easier to manage well trained employees.

Reduced obsolescence:

With effective training programs in place, the skills of employees don't depreciate with age, temperament, or motivation.

Personal growth:

With lower turnover rates comes increased career growth of personnel within the organization. Employees are more aware of the latest developments and skills, and this enables personal growth.

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