Anatomy of the Spinal Cord

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Gross Anatomy of Spinal Cord:


Adult: stretches from the foramen magnum to L1, L2. Dura ends at the level of S1 in sacral canal.

Embryo: spinal cord fills the whole vertebral canal.

Features/Components of a Cross Section:

1. Posterior median septum; anterior median fissure.

2. Central canal.

3. Grey and white matter (latter for ascending and descending pathways).

4. Anterior and posterior grey horns.

5. Anterior, posterior and lateral funiculi (white matter).

Enlargements: Cervical and lumbar.

Caudal aspect: Conus medullaris is the tapered part and filum terminale the termination. Inserts on the first-coccygeal vertebra, via the coccygeal ligament.

Meninges: coverings of spinal cord.

1. Spinal dura (the extradural space is used for epidural anaesthesia.

2. Spinal arachnoid matter.

3. Spinal pia mater. The CCF is found in the subarachnoid space found between the pia and the arachnoid. Distally, spinal roots are found in the lumbar cistern.

Cord Supports:

Denticulate ligaments i.e. pia is attached to the dura at regular intervals by the serrated ligamentum denticulatum.

Cord Indentations:

1. Ventral median fissure.

2. Dorsal median sulcus.

Spinal Nerve Attachments: (31 bilaterally paired):

1. Cervical (8).

2. Thoracic (12).

3. Lumbar (5).

4. Sacral (5).

5. Coccygeal (1).

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